22, plus four more, fun facts about EGGS.

Mark Sisson, of Mark’s Daily Apple, has a new post about one of my favorite foods, Eggs.  I’m astonished anyone could come up with 22 things to say about eggs. However, your PaleoPathologist (of course) has a couple more to add.20130912_071541

PaleoPath 1.  Breaking eggs. PaleoPathMate  found a suggestion by Alton Brown (Woman, how do you find these things?  “I read.”) Since then PaleoPathologist breaks eggs right on a flat surface. Just smack them on the counter; takes a couple to get the touch. Start gently! They crack just fine and then you break them open.  A lot less shell gets in them than the old Paleolithic way that I’ve used for fifty years where you break the eggs on the rim of a pan, cup, etc and then fish out the shell fragments that the rim has driven into the eggwhite.

PP2.  The perfect scramble. Mark, you make it so complicated.  Stir fry up some peppers, spinach, mushrooms, sausage, cabbage. whatever is in the root cellar (you know the big cold box in the corner of the Cave). Then break two or three eggs into a measuring cup, pour in a dollop of organic whipping cream, stir with a fork and pour on the skillet.  Yum.  (PaleoPathologist likes to fry 2-3 strips of thick cut bacon, pull them out with tongs, and then just dump the vegies in for a saute before doing the eggs.  But a tablespoon of coconut oil also works.)

PP3.  The Fritatta!  See the previous posts here on that one. Especially good with elk sausage acquired by hard working son in law.

pp4.  Love the Duck Eggs. Rich, yummy. Mark is dead on with this one.

What are your favorite Egg hints?


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