PaleoPathologist tip of the day on Sunburn

PaleoPathologist is fortunate enough to go with Incredible Wife (IW) and a mix of daughters, sons in law, grandsons, parents, etc. to a beach trip each summer. Sometimes it is Holden Beach, North Carolina, this summer it was La Jolla, CA. The picture of course is totally candid, unposed, and naturally I was breathing in a totally relaxed and easy manner.physique at beach..

What does a PaleoPathologist actually DO?

There’s just no doubt that everyone out there is clamoring to know more about what a pathologist does in a cancer hospital!  We are definitely not CSI Forensic pathologists, who can figure out by DNA who the perpetrator was before the next commercial break. So as a public service PaleoPathologist, recipient of a 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award by the College of American Pathologists,  has decided to describe in excruciating detail my day.award resized

Tip on making bacon for the Tribe.

Here is a nice recipe for making bacon, in the oven. PaleoPathologist and family sometimes get together for breakfast or brunch, or at the beach like last week, and we like our bacon and eggs. While frying bacon is a nice craft, when you need ten strips the oven method is terrific. I’ve not tried the pinching up little peaks thing, and we’ve always used foil rather than parchment paper. Sounds like a fun experiment. Don’t forget to pour off the grease into an empty coconut oil screwtop jar and save that good pigfat for cooking!


Tip: Get outside for 5 minutes today

Get some nice blue bright light to reset your melatonin system, boost your mood.  PaleoPathologist walks outside around the building (see below) to get his 16 oz americano in the fabulous mug his daughters got him for Christmas last year, covered with pictures of the two PaleoGrand’s. There is a third grandson who just arrived two weeks ago!20140623_104244_resized


Any tips that YOU find helpful for a quick pick me up?

PaleoPathologist Tip of the Day: Sharpen your knives!

Steven Covey said, “Sharpen the saw.” My Boy Scout leader said, “A dull axe is a dangerous axe.” In this life we have two major categories of jobs:

1.  Do the work that lies in front of you: Productivity

2.  Maintain your ability to do the job tomorrow: Sustainability

sharpen knives

So how could you sharpen your knives today? Would it be a nap? Stepping back and planning? Saying a prayer? Or is it literally sharpening your cooking knives?

People look at me like I’m from Mars when I ask for heavy cream in my coffee.

PaleoPathologist was at Whole Foods La Jolla and asked for a 16 oz Americano with cream. Ha. People still think that fat is bad for you, the product of decades of bad science and bad government. I told the Barista that natural fats are not bad for you and he gave me the Martian look of disbelief. I said, “No, really, the newest science says good fat is good for you.” “Well, dude, we have some half and half over there with the skim milk.” I’m tempted to ask, although it would do NO good, why they don’t put out some heavy cream with the skim milk and then people could put half milk and half cream if they wanted to! Butter, cream!