Have you ever seen a super slow/slow burn/bodybyscience workout?

PaleoPathologist sat down with his trainer this weekend to do a four exercise, slow movement to momentary muscle failure workout.  It was captured on tape. Warning to small children and squeamish adults: PaleoPathologist shows his pain-face a few times toward the end of each set.

The Workout Video

The slow, single set to failure method has worked very well for PaleoPathologist who, except for one cramp in lower back muscles, once, has had NO INJURIES in a year and has gone from 90 to 305 lbs on the leg press. BP today at physical was 110/70. Resting heart rate at the physical was…63.  And remember this is doing the routine at most once every seven days, sometimes it’s 10, 14 days between workouts.

This protocol sends a very powerful adaptation signal to the body. PaleoPathologist did the 200 breaststroke in College which is a fairly brutal race, and felt about the same amount of lactic acid at the end (about 2:30 in the water) as he does after the 10 minute routine these days. Take a look at the papers referenced in the links above, or take a look at Body by Science website,

or the book. Another site I follow is Drew Baye’s site.

Any questions about how this works? Anyone with alternative experiences? We’d love to hear from you.

How to live longer in 8 “Blue Zone” steps.

When PaleoPathologist was a kid he remembers seeing a skit on a variety show, might have been Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, where a frumpy woman said, “I hear that scientists think they can help us live to 140.  Big deal.  Who wants to be a little old lady for 70 years?”  Good question!  But what if we can extend middle age 20, 30, 40 more years? Ah, sounds better.  According to The Blue Zones, one of the longest living groups in the world is the 7th Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California.  Since PaleoPathologist is the head of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver and is on the Mission Advisory Committee, he has a copy of the handbook, Creation Health Discovery, and is about to share the 8 steps.

Mistakes you can make doing Low Carb/Paleo

The Atkins folks sent around an Email newsletter listing the “top ten mistakes” people make doing Atkins.  While some members of some Paleo Tribes might squawk with disdain, there is like not a nickel’s worth of difference between most Paleo diets and properly done Atkins.  So how can you screw up?

20140409_061109_scaleArgh! Hobbit Feet? Quick, we need a PaleoPodiatrist…

How easy is it to cook Paleo?

PaleoPathDaughter and PaleoPathologist spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon. We began about 4:30 and sat down to eat at 6:15 after preparing deliciousness for tonight and for the coming week. Breakfast is done for the week except for two minutes in the paleolithic microwave and four minutes of coffee brewing in the French Press. All low carb, all terrific.


Protein, animal protein, and longevity; a controversy continues

There was a big splash that you may recall when some professors in California went public claiming that “high protein diets (especially animal fat) are as bad for your health as smoking.”  (Just google “protein smoking” and you’ll find scads of similar links.)

Attached is a letter to the editor of the journal that actually published the study, basically discrediting it.  This came via Drew Baye, one of my favorite high intensity exercise advocates. I hope the study was an honest attempt at good science, but there is a constant temptation in our culture to go for fame and notoriety and scientists are definitely not immune.