What one exercise modality gives you bone and muscle strength AND cardio conditioning?

Drew Baye has been doing a great job of training athletes and ordinary folk for many years.  His blog is full of information (mostly for bodybuilding but many other posts as well). I enjoy his writing.  This newest one just re-emphasizes how efficient a good high intensity weight program (like the Body by Science Superslow style workout PaleoPathologist does every ten days or so at TruFit Health in Denver) really can be. TEN DAYS?? Yes. Properly done weight training ALSO gives you an excellent Cardio workout!  How long has this been known? Would you believe 1975?

weight lifting

In short, maximal stimulation of muscles releases growth signals. This makes muscles grow, sure, but ALSO appears to help other tissues grow and repair. There is a correlation between muscle/lean mass and organ function, including heart function. PaleoPathologist is interested, and PaleoPathologist’s Pater, 86, still is going strong with HIS weightlifting. He is my inspiration.

PaleoPathologist is huffing like a racehorse at the end of the Leg Press. I was a breaststroke swimmer in high school and college and left it all in the pool when I raced, so I know what lactic acidosis feels like and this really does it. I’m up to 330 pounds (well, Nautilus pounds; who knows what that really translates to) for two minutes.

PaleoPathologist thinks that machines are just as good as free weights, and have a lower potential for injury. Other than aggravating a pre-existing shoulder problem if chest press form deteriorates, and one back spasm from overdoing the low back machine, NO injuries in over a year.

TruFit has a brand new toy, also, called an ARX machine. It is supposed to electronically adapt to your strength at every point during the repetition and meter out exactly the resistance you need. Yeah, PaleoPathologist is pretty sure that he has to try this new toy, as soon as possible!

So have you ever tried high intensity weight training? What has your experience been?

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2 thoughts on “What one exercise modality gives you bone and muscle strength AND cardio conditioning?

  1. I have been doing one form or another of high intensity exercise since around 2004/5. A friend turned me on to Adam Zuckerman’s Power of Ten. I did this slow, high intensity weight lifting for years at home with free weights. I then stumbled across BBS. I decided I had the time to actually go to a gym and lift weights on the machines. I saw a lot of improvement once I did that. I keep doing it because it’s so effective and efficient. At 51, I need all the muscle I can get. I think the hardest part is actually pushing myself to that awful/panicky feeling so as to reap the highest intensity!

    • Good job. My 81 year old mother does BBS/SS, and my 30 year old daughter is investigating. I try to warn people about the panicky feeling so they don’t give up to soon; all fear is easier to deal with if it is known and prepared for rather than a surprise, right?

      Good for you! Muscle is good for all of us.