How easy is it to cook Paleo?

PaleoPathDaughter and PaleoPathologist spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon. We began about 4:30 and sat down to eat at 6:15 after preparing deliciousness for tonight and for the coming week. Breakfast is done for the week except for two minutes in the paleolithic microwave and four minutes of coffee brewing in the French Press. All low carb, all terrific.


In the back is a pressure cooker full of Bone Broth. We used part of a Whole Foods roasted chicken, a bunch of chicken thigh bones with the cartilage/gristle on them, and four bones from Outback’s Bone In Ribeye. NomNomPaleo is right, the Leeks are good and so is the fish sauce. Once the pressure cooker was on for its 90 minutes, it was on to the frittata (see below.)

On the left is a cast iron skillet with some red kale, stir fried and then steamed. In the pot next to Daughter is broccoli and cauliflower, steaming. Four pork chops are grilling out front (love the fruit of the Pig.)  PaleoPathologist used the same skillet that he had previously used to brown the bacon (more Pig Fruit) and the mighty elk. Interesting way to deglase a pan, with kale???

Next to the pressure cooker is today’s Frittata, this time made with bacon, elkburger, sweet peppers, purple cabbage, scallions, mixed mushrooms, baby spinach and other greens, a dozen eggs, heavy cream, and MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride.)  Another tablespoon of Fish Sauce in addition to the salt, it is good stuff. I have quick meals for the week.

I think Dr. Terry Wahls would be proud: green leafy, colors, sulfurs, wild meat, good fats.  Hm maybe next time PaleoPathologist should throw in some seaweed!  She probably wouldn’t be as excited about the eggs and cream but thankfully PaleoPathologist does not have multiple sclerosis or any other obvious autoimmune diseases and so he can get away with it. (Do take a look at Dr. Wahls’ program and poke around on her site. Pretty amazing story.)

PaleoPathologistOlderDaughter and PaleoGrandSon will be coming over tomorrow and I suspect they will love the frittata and the bone broth.

What do YOU like to prep for the coming week? What’s easy, delicious, and of course nutrient dense?

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2 thoughts on “How easy is it to cook Paleo?

  1. Some of my prepare ahead favs: muffin tin individual meat loaf (with almond flour), taco seasoned ground meat, and baked salmon. Just don’t hear the fish up in the common microwave at work…I eat it cold with salad. Loving your paleo posts!!