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PaleoPathologist spent some time investigating Calcium and Magnesium supplements today for PaleoPathologistMate. He went to Consumer Lab, his go-to site for nutritional information. They have good monographs, extensively referenced. It is NOT free although they have some free content.

Looks like Calcium is probably adequate in most decent diets (like PaleoPathologist’s greens, colors, sulfurs, organ meats, eggs, fish) but it’s OK to supplement, A LITTLE. No more than probably 1000 mg/day, and even that according to Consumer Lab might be a bit much. They cite an article saying that you can’t absorb more than 500 mg at a time, and that if you take it with a multivitamin the calcium might interfere with absorption of other trace elements you need like zinc, chromium, manganese, etc.

Magnesium is also interesting. They don’t find any problem taking calcium and magnesium together but it also may compete with other trace elements for absorption.  Dang, they want PaleoPathologist to have a timer, pill box, etc.  Or maybe old Graw (PaleoGrandSon’s name for PaleoPathologist) will be perfectly OK gathering and eating good food!

PaleoPathologist has found that taking too much Magnesium can lead to, shall we say, unfortunate volcanic gastrointestinal side effects so he thinks if you want to supplement magnesium start real slow OR stay real close to a bathroom.  Mag Citrate is used in PaleoPathologist’s hospital as…a laxative!  Consider yourself warned.

PaleoPathologist is cutting back on his supplements (he is tired of all the stupid pills.) What about you?  (as always this is for education, and should not be considered a prescription or medical treatment since I’ve never met you…)

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One thought on “Good site for information on supplements and nutrients

  1. On the MDA forum it seems magnesium is recommended a lot, I didn’t know it could be used as a laxative though!

    I’m actually taking more supplements now…Vitamin D (it’s been a long, grey winter!) as well as a multi-vitamin and b-complex.