Where can you find Liver and Onions in Denver?

We’ve said it before. Most pathologists just won’t eat liver, and most Americans have unfortunately lost the taste. Not PaleoPathologist!  I’ve always liked Liver. Below is the Blackeyed Pea Senior portion (watch it out there) with broccoli, spinach, and butter which is going on the broccoli in a moment. The vinegar is for the spinach.

liver onions blackeyed pea

The best places I’ve found in Denver are the Blackeyed Pea and New York Deli News. They tend to be OF-type places (OF: Olde Farte). Other bets are Braunschweiger (“liver cheese”) or Liverwurst from the grocery. Those Germans make good pig liver. The Incredible Wife munched down a lot of fried chicken livers during pregnancies.

Liver is great food. It is like a vitamin pill of meat. Best source I know of B12 for example, and good for iron too although we dudes don’t normally have to worry about iron. The fears about “eating filter organs stuffed with toxins” are overblown; the liver is more like a factory, taking out toxins and hooking them to various water soluble compounds, then sending them out to be excreted in bile or urine.

Where do YOU go to get liver? Or have you not climbed on board yet with organ meats?

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