How do you make great homemade sausage? Ask your mate!

PaleoPathologistMate grew up on a farm in Kentucky. They would hang a ham in the chimney to cure after hog butchering time; she knows her pig. When PaleoPathologist and his two more highly evolved sons-in-law brought home an Elk last year, she pulled out a sausage recipe.

20140511_192203_resizedsausage frying

Sausage recipe? PaleoPathologist had thought the way you get sausage was by going hunting at King Soopers or, if feeling wealthy, Whole Foods and bringing home a cylindrical sausage steak wrapped in plastic!

It is SO easy, and inexpensive, though…here’s the recipe.

  • 1 tsp minced garlic

Mix it all up with your hands. Squish it like a paleo toddler playing in the thick mud. (What toddler ISN’T a paleotoddler?) Goober it all around. It gets a bit cold on the hands!

Michelle Tam (NomNomPaleo) would probably have me add some Fish Sauce.  PaleoPathologist and PaleoParents love anchovies; it’s not pretty at a restaurant, thievery occurs. Maybe next time I’ll try adding some fish sauce as well.

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne of would in turn probably have me grind some of my precious elk liver into the recipe. But PaleoPathologist LOVES elk liver, especially with his cobbled together Pseudo Su Vide method (stay posted, I’ll put that up in a few days) so why waste liver? But if you’re like a lot of people (and virtually all pathologists by the way) this would be yet another way to “do liver” without “having to see or taste it.”

That’s it. It helps to let it sit all in a lump in the refrigerator overnight so the spices can diffuse around, but if you are immature and hungry like PaleoPathologist was, fry it up and have it for dinner with Bubbie’s fresh fermented sauerkraut and half an avocado.

What is your favorite game or sausage recipe? Pass it on!


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