PaleoPathologist loves lists. Lists to memorize, lists to follow, lists to organize. He likes lists with acronyms, too—remember CREATION health last week? Here is another list from a best selling Paleo/Primal author.


Mark Sisson of wrote a book called “The Primal Blueprint” with his list of ten behaviors to help us all live longer. He posted the list on his website here.

  1. Eat lots of animals, insects and plants. Insects??? Ick. Except many cultures eat insects. They are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. They make all kinds of environmental sense too–there is very little danger of running into a cricket shortage. Even John the Baptist ate locusts! (Creation: N for Nutrition)
  2. Move around slowly. Hunter Gatherers don’t run marathons, they run/walk.
  3. Lift heavy things.
  4. Sprint once in a while. (or do high intensity weightlifting like PaleoPathologist does.) Creation: Activity.
  5. Get lots of sleep. (Creation: Rest)
  6. Play. This is great social interaction, not so much Age of Empires, the PaleoPathologist’s drug of choice when tired… Creation: Interpersonal relationships
  7. Get some sunlight every day. Vitamin D, and also exposure to blue light which resets the old Biological Clock. Creation: E for Environment.
  8. Avoid trauma. Don’t do stupid things! Buckle up, take it easy on the highway, keep a 2 second following distance, wear a bike helmet like PaleoPathologist!
  9. Avoid poisonous things. It is interesting that Mark says just about all sweet-tasting things are good to eat. Too bad that in modern life we poison ourselves with sugar.
  10. Use your mind. Learn a language, do crosswords, have conversations with others.

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