How to live longer in 8 “Blue Zone” steps.

When PaleoPathologist was a kid he remembers seeing a skit on a variety show, might have been Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, where a frumpy woman said, “I hear that scientists think they can help us live to 140.  Big deal.  Who wants to be a little old lady for 70 years?”  Good question!  But what if we can extend middle age 20, 30, 40 more years? Ah, sounds better.  According to The Blue Zones, one of the longest living groups in the world is the 7th Day Adventists in Loma Linda, California.  Since PaleoPathologist is the head of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at Porter Adventist Hospital in Denver and is on the Mission Advisory Committee, he has a copy of the handbook, Creation Health Discovery, and is about to share the 8 steps.

IMG-20110709-00023On top of Loveland Pass in the Triple Bypass

The book breaks health down into 8 dimensions, using the acronym CREATION to remember them. It is also summarized on a website here.

C is for Choice. We all have the freedom to make choices, and people who believe it are healthier.

R is for Rest. PaleoPathologist has already talked about rhythms of rest and also about sleep. Important stuff.

E is for Environment. Light, sound, music, smell, nature, these all matter.

A is for Activity. PaleoPathologist pushed 300 pounds for 2 minutes on the leg press this morning!  He definitely believes in being active.

T is for Trust. Trust in others, but also in a higher power, is associated with longer life.

I is for Interpersonal Relationships. This can be related to Trust also; we are herd/pack animals, not cats.

O is for Outlook. No, not the Email program!  A positive hopeful attitude.  Students who kept a Gratitude journal had better grades and weighed less after one semester in a study.

N is for Nutrition. Interesting that this would be last on the list, isn’t it?  Adventists have a vegetarian tradition which PaleoPathologist is not so sure about but he loves the vegetables and the multi-item salad bar upstairs!

Since the Loma Linda Adventist neighborhood actually does live longer, we should pay attention to their observations.

Not a bad summary, is it? What other lists or mnemonics have you come across? PaleoPathologist loves lists!  Leave a message below and let’s talk.

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